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Jennifer Lealaogata

Preschool Director

Miss Jen is a certified Preschool instructor and has been coaching gymnastics for 19 years. Specializing in toddler and preschool age gymnastics. She has worked in the capacity of Preschool Gymnastics Director for nearly 16 years. She has also worked as an academic preschool teacher in schools such as Alta Canyon Rec. Center and Academy West Gymnastics in Utah—both facilities that, like Arizona Dreams, place a high value on academic learning in an active, movement-oriented atmosphere. Coach Jen is excited to share her love of learning and fitness in a fun, safe and active environment.

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Allison Blankenship


Allison A.K.A. Ms. B., has been in the teaching profession for a little over 35 years. now, She has taught in every grade from preschool age on up to seniors in high school. Allison chose this profession for her love of children and seeing/watching them grow, learn and excel in their in all stages of their lives. Watching children learn new things brings immense joy to her heart and a smile to her face! In addition to all her personal qualities, Allison's professional resume allows her act as our Directors Designee. We are thankful for all she brings to our preschool!

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Stacey Dunkel

Gymnastics Teacher

Miss Stacey has been teaching children for almost 20 years, mostly as a dance instructor. She loves teaching movement to kids to increase confidence, strength, coordination and overall health and happiness. After teaching at multiple dance studios throughout Southern California and Arizona, she has built dance programs with competitive teams, taught PE, physiology and started both middle and high school Cheer teams.  She began teaching aerial silks and gymnastics in 2017. After moving to Prescott Valley she quickly found the perfect blend for all her passions at Little Dreamers teaching gymnastics to the preschool children.  She enjoys incorporating various skills and fun challenges into the curriculum and observing the daily growth of each child.  We are truly lucky to have her!


Sheffy Blankenship

Assistant Preschool Director

Miss Sheffy is a certified Preschool instructor who has been teaching children in the Prescott area for 10 years. She has worked with kids of all ages ranging from 2, up to school-aged. Some of her responsibilities have included, parent communication, lesson planning, one on one teaching with special needs children, coaching, as well as conducting standardized testing within her classes. She worked as a lead teacher and as a teacher’s assistant in such schools as Cornerstone Christian Preschool and Franklin Phonetic School. Coach Sheffy is excited to share her love of learning


Natalie Ipson


Mrs. Natalie has been with Little Dreamers since it opened. She has worked with kids in many different capacities on and off her whole life. She comes from a large family and children are at the heart of who she is. Natalie loves music, art and making children use their creative senses to grow and learn. She is always looking for the positive in every person, child and situation. Her infectious smile and loving spirit are rare and we are so incredibly blessed to have her on our team!


Sommer Janzen

Business Manager

Mrs. Sommer has been with the AZ Dreams and now Little Dreamers team for 12 years. She has worked mainly administratively, or behind the scenes. When Little Dreamers opened she moved over to the preschool and has loved the change! Though she may handle the day to day business operations, you can often find her snooping around classrooms acting silly and goofy with the kids. She loves her new position and the time she gets to spend with children. If you ask her she will tell you "Hanging out with these kids will keep you young!" 

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