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Our Dream   Team!

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Jennifer Lealaogata

Preschool Director

Miss Jen is a certified Preschool instructor and has been coaching gymnastics for 20 years. Specializing in toddler and preschool age gymnastics. She has worked in the capacity of Preschool Gymnastics Director for nearly 17 years. She has also worked as an academic preschool teacher in schools such as Alta Canyon Rec. Center and Academy West Gymnastics in Utah—both facilities that, like Arizona Dreams, place a high value on academic learning in an active, movement-oriented atmosphere. Coach Jen is excited to share her love of learning and fitness in a fun, safe and active environment.


Emily Rohde


Miss Emily was overworked and tired at her job working in an alcohol and drug abuse center as a behavioral heath technician. She was looking for something new, creative, with normal working hours that would allow her to be closer to her own kids. Now she is the lead teacher in our 2 year old room, where she get to be as creative as she likes, with a wonderful group of kiddos. She has her own side business and can be found most weekends at local craft shows selling her adorable creations. FUN FACT! Emily is a HUGE fan of the show Friends! 


Maggie Cross


Miss Maggie has been part of our team since November 2020. She started off as a a teachers assistant, quickly grew into our Mini Dreamers teacher, to establishing her place as our dedicated Alligators teacher! Her patience and love for her kiddos is evident and her class is always doing fun and creative things. We feel very lucky to have Maggie and look forward to a bright future with her.


Sharon Begley


Miss Sharon has had much success in her life. She ran her own insurance agency for many years. But somehow her life always seemed to circle back around to children. After raising her own grandchildren for a period of time, and ending her insurance career, she decided to take a leap into in-home childcare. Many of her kiddos came from very challenging circumstances, and Sharon proved to be just what they needed in their little lives. We were very lucky to have reached out to Sharon at time when she could use us as much as we could use her! She is one of the most dedicated, funny, nurturing, firm but loving teachers, and her class just adores her, almost as much as we do!


Sommer Janzen

Business Manager

Miss Sommer has been with the AZ Dreams and now Little Dreamers since 2011. She has worked mainly administratively, or behind the scenes. When Little Dreamers opened she moved over to the preschool and has loved the change! Though she may handle the day to day business operations, you can often find her snooping around classrooms acting silly and goofy with the kids. She loves her new position and the time she gets to spend with children. If you ask her she will tell you "Hanging out with these kids will keep you young!" 

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Allison Blankenship


Allison A.K.A. Miss. B., has been in the teaching profession for a little over 35 years. now, She has taught in every grade from preschool age on up to seniors in high school. Allison chose this profession for her love of children and seeing/watching them grow, learn, and excel in all stages of their lives. Watching children learn new things brings immense joy to her heart and a smile to her face! In addition to all her personal qualities, Allison's professional resume allows her to act as our Directors Designee. We are thankful for all she brings to our preschool!


Kristen Draper


Miss Kristen came to us at a time when we both had a mutual need. We needed a warm compassionate teacher for our toddler room and she needed something new in her life. She has a degree in animal science, loves learning about history, loves anything Marvel and enjoys reading and crocheting. She has learned so much about herself in her time here at Little Dreamers, and we have too. We've learned Kristen has one of the most infectious smiles ever seen and one of the kindest hearts. We have also learned that no other toddler teacher in town will love your kids with as much heart as she does and for that we are most thankful!

Michelle Llamas


Miss Michelle is a 3rd college student with a major in Psychology and a minor in Aviation. She came to us with a background working in social care. Her compassion for people is evident in the way she cares for and loves the kids she works with every day.  We feel lucky, that while Michelle is finishing her education she chooses to work with us here at Little Dreamers.


Meredith Bragg


Miss Meredith has been a part of the Arizona Dreams family since 2016, coaching gymnastics while working as an elementary teacher. Her teaching life took a bit of a turn and we asked her to join our team as our PreK Monkeys teacher. She gladly accepted the challenge and we couldn't be happier! Her fun, energetic, creative, and loving personality make her a joy to work with. We feel as lucky as the kids are that she is with us.

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